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Sarah Morpeth - Artist
I am an artist living and working in the heart of the wild and beautiful Northumberland National Park, in a landscape which is a constant source of inspiration. I am grounded in this place, and much of my work and the imagery I use is linked to it, to my memories of it as well as my daily experience of it.

My starting point is often text - the inspiration for many of my pieces comes from a 1945 film called 'I Know Where I'm Going' (Powell & Pressburger). The film script, characters, cinematography and film structure influence my work - bits of the script trickle into my pieces, snippets of dialogue, forming and reforming, taking on new meanings and telling different stories. I also use half-remembered lines of songs and poems, so that text forms an integral part of many of my pieces, shaping their form in the process. In all my work I am seeking to find that perfect marriage of form and content.
Everything begins with a blank sheet of paper
Sarah Morpeth - Inspiration
Paper is my medium - everything I do begins with a blank sheet of paper. I make a range of books and works in cut paper, from unique constructed books to limited and unlimited editions and multiples and wall-hung pieces. My work combines a range of processes, including stitching, bookbinding, hand painting, printing and hand and machine cutting. I use and embrace technology, but whatever I am working on starts life as a drawing or a hand cut - or both. I am happy to work to commission, and can incorporate favourite text, snippets of poetry or songs in client work as well as my trademark plant and animal imagery. I run workshops and courses on papercutting and artist’s books, so do keep an eye out for information on these on my Facebook page and in my occasional newsletter - for which you can sign up here.

My background is in Embroidery, in which I did a degree at Manchester Metropolitan University, and I retain a love of textiles, bringing many of those techniques into my work. I originally qualified and worked for ten years as a solicitor, following my first degree in Classics - and I like to think that I’ve moved from analysing and dissecting text in a metaphorical sense, to a literal one.
My Practice
Sarah Morpeth - sample book
In my practice I span Art and Craft, bringing in traditional craft processes which are underpinned with the conceptual. I undertake residencies and gallery work, making larger-scale pieces and installations. My work is held in collections including Manchester Metropolitan University’s Artist’s Book Collection, the Tate, UWE, University of Northampton, Baltic Gallery, the Yale Collection of British Art and private collections. I also design and make collections for sale, via and retail outlets including Manchester Royal Exchange Craft Shop, the Bluecoat in Liverpool, Biscuit Factory, Newcastle and Snug Gallery, Hebden Bridge.
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